6 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

If you have never encountered a clogged drain in your home, then lucky you! But for most of us who have at one time or another struggled with the inconvenience of a clogged drain, make sure that you never use chemical drain cleaners. Sure, you can just go to your nearest home center and buy it off the shelf; but did you know that these seemingly easy solution can have some serious implications? Take note of these reasons why you should stay away from chemical drain cleaners.

1. Dangerous to Children

When you have a home environment where you have children and pets, you must be aware that chemical drain cleaners pose immediate danger to them. Regardless how careful you are as a parent or pet owner, using and keeping chemical drain cleaners makes the danger of exposing your children and pets to toxic materials is always a possibility. The only sure way to keep your children and pets safe is to keep the chemical-based drain cleaners out of your home.

2. Safety Issues

Wouldn’t it be such a wonderful world if you can just reach out for that drain cleaner, pour it down the drain, and all your problems disappear? Well, the reality for most drain cleaning in Anaheim homes is that many homeowners do not even read the directions and precautions on the label of these cleaners. These products remind users to:

  • ensure there is a well-ventilated area;
  • keep them away from children and pets;
  • never mix it with other drain cleaners;
  • always wear rubber gloves; and
  • never use it with a plunger.

If you fail to heed these safety reminders, then you are in for more problems than just a clogged drain.

3. Environmental Impact

How do these chemical drain cleaning solutions impact the environment? Most of them contain bleach and similar chemicals that emit gases that can negatively affect those in the vicinity and when it gets into the water supply, it can pose unspeakable danger. Are you aware that when you dump the chemical cleaners down your drain it goes to your septic tank and can be filtered and released to the ground water?

4. Chemical Reactions

Do you keep track of the chemical-based drain cleaning solution you are using? If you use different types of these drain cleaners, then there is a very distinct possibility that a chemical reaction can begin to brew within your plumbing system that can be caused by the mixing of ammonia and bleach for example. The result is that toxic fumes can be emitted into your home and what happens next can be quite difficult to predict; except to say it would not be desirable!

5. Effectiveness

We have watched and heard the commercials, or read it on the paper about how effective drain cleaning solutions can be. What we are not being told is that these drain cleaners do not solve all causes of clogs. For example, if the cause of the clogging is a damaged pipe, using a chemical cleaner would not solve your problem, but create a new one by allowing the solution to leak from your pipe and goes to who know where.

6. Pipe Damage

Did you know that chemical-based drain cleaners rely on heat to remove possible causes of clogs? By generating heat, your PVC pipes become susceptible to damage because the material becomes soft. Damage is not isolated to newer pipes, in fact, using chemical drain cleaning solutions on older pipes made of metal can cause the same or more severe damage to your plumbing system.

Why Homeowners Use Drain Cleaners

It is understandable why homeowners turn to drain cleaners they can buy in a grocery store. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and they generally work quickly. The problem comes in the long run because drain cleaners can actually damage home plumbing system over time. Most of the commonly purchased drain cleaners contain chemicals with hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid, which does cause damage to pipes.

Plumbers at Scott English Plumbing know how to unclog drains without using harmful chemicals. We are often called to solve the problems that the harmful drain cleaners create. Those problems happen in the lines in the home as well as those outside of the home. The drain cleaners do get into the environment and cause significant damage, too.

Protect Yourself Before Using Drain Cleaners

We recognize that our customers do use drain cleaners and they will continue to do so; therefore, we encourage them to wear safety gear before pouring the substances down the drain. First, it is important to wear safety glasses or to use a face shield. It is common for the substances to bubble back out, especially if there happens to be a big air bubble. It is also important to use nitrile gloves to protect the hands. These gloves do cost a bit more than the cheap latex ones, but they are worth it when it comes to protecting the hands from clog-eating chemicals.

Call Scott English for Professional Drain Cleaning, and Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals!

So what is the answer to your drain cleaning problems? If you really want effective and efficient solution, all you have to do is call professional help. Contact Scott English Plumbing for all your drain cleaning problems because you should never experiment with your plumbing!