5 Ways to Protect Your Sewer Lines from Tree Roots

Wouldn’t it be exciting to have some fairy dust that you can sprinkle and keep your sewer pipes healthy forever? Until that fairy tale becomes a reality, we have to accept the fact that sewer pipes will eventually leak at the seams and become cracked because of corrosion and other reasons. So does this mean that there is no way of keeping those pesky roots out of your sewer lines? Not necessarily so, because here are some ways that can save you from costly repairs that can reach thousands of dollars.

Make a Barrier

One of the most effective ways to keep those pesky tree roots out of your sewer pipes is to create a barrier between the trees and the sewer lines. There are different options available to you to create an effective barrier like slow-release chemical solutions designed for residential properties. These chemicals inhibit the growth of roots within the vicinity of the sewer line minimizing the possibility of tree roots finding their way into the pipes through cracks and breaks. You can also use wood and metal barriers by burying them about 6 inches to a foot deeper than your pipes and run them vertically along the sewer line to prevent the roots from going into the sewer pipes.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

When you invest in regular inspection and maintenance by a professional plumbing service, you start an effective process of minimizing the possibility of costly sewer repairs. Inspection and maintenance not only maintains the cleanliness of the pipes but also gives you a firsthand look into the actual structure of the insides of your pipes. This process prevents tree roots from finding their way into the sewer pipes and growing there. You will also get an early indication if any part of your sewer pipe needs repair or replacement.

Sewer Friendly Trees

No, this is not a new breed of trees! This is actually a strategy of careful planning of your landscaping to ensure that you avoid future problems with your sewer line that can lead to stress, anxiety, and expensive repairs. By limiting the number of trees that you plant and maintaining a safe distance away from your sewer pipes you limit the possibility of tree roots encroaching into your sewer pipes. You can also choose trees that have small root balls because they have slower growth. This is a wise preventive method that costs you almost nothing.

Mechanically Control the Growth

There are times that the tree roots have already found their way into your sewer line but the growth is still considered manageable. In this context, one potential preventive measure to control the growth and prevent future incursions is to mechanically remove the tree roots existing within the sewer pipes. Professional plumbing services can use various tools to control the growth of the tree roots and effectively prevent future growth while cleaning the insides of your pipes at the same time.

Know the Sewer Line

We mentioned how creating a barrier and planting sewer-friendly trees as effective methods of preventing tree roots from growing in your sewer pipes. However, these methods only become effective once you are aware where your sewer line is located. This gives you a good idea of the areas to avoid when digging or planting to reduce damage to your sewer pipes that can serve as an entry point for tree roots. Visit the local sewer department to find out the location of your sewer line and how deep it is in relation to your property.

If you follow all of these does it mean you no longer need the services of professional plumbers for your sewer lines? Of course not! This is just one aspect of your entire plumbing system that you must keep healthy always. To make sure that your entire plumbing system and your sewer line is free from problems, get in touch with Scott English Plumbing today!