5 Reasons to have a Plumber Inspect Your Pipes

Most homeowners don’t think much about the pipes in their home until they need a plumber. In fact, that’s probably why they end up with serious problems that could have been caught early if they had someone do a plumbing inspection. Here are five reasons you need a plumber to inspect your pipes:

    1. 1. You’re remodeling your home. Any time there is a home remodel involved, you should automatically get the pipes checked. This is true whenever you are doing anything to the house structurally, even if it doesn’t involve moving pipes. It’s also a good idea to have an inspection done before you even start doing any work because then you will know if something is going to prevent you from getting the job done the way you hope it can be done. And after the work is accomplished, it’s a good idea to get another inspection done if there were any questions about the remodel affecting the pipes in any way.
    1. 2. You’re building a new home or commercial structure.Building a new structure of any kind also requires a plumber to do an inspection first. Of course it also requires them to actually build the pipes into the home, but an inspection is always a good idea before the work begins so that you know what to expect. The plumber will determine where the pipes can go and how they will run through the structure before the walls even go up. This should be an important part of any building project.
    1. 3. You’re buying a home. Most home buyers realize that it’s a smart idea to have a home section done before they sign on the dotted line. However, a home inspection usually doesn’t cover the pipes fully. Home inspectors are trained to look for telltale signs of problems, but they don’t do complete checks of the plumbing system. Having someone look at the pipes apart from the regular home inspection will give you peace of mind that you’re not purchasing a money pit.
    1. 4. You’re having trouble with a specific appliance or fixture in your home. Sometimes problems with an appliance or fixture can be corrected by simply having the pipes inspected. This is especially true if something isn’t working quite right but you can’t tell what’s wrong with it. An inspection may be in order if the appliance or fixture mostly works but could function better.
  1. 5. You notice a sudden, significant increase in your water bill. Depending on how your town or area charges for water, you may notice increases in your bill at certain times of the year, but if that increase is significant, and especially if it lasts for more than a month, you should have it checked out. That water must be going somewhere, and if there is no obvious reason that you’re using more water (like filling a pool, for instance), then a plumber needs to check it.

Of course there are many different kinds of inspections that plumbers can do, so it definitely helps to have an idea of what the problem is before you give a plumbing company a call. Let them know what the problem is and see what they advise. You should discuss your options with an expert and learn which type of inspection would be best for your particular situation. Inspections are a great way to stay on top of minor problems and get them fixed before they turn into major ones that are very costly to fix.

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