5 New Years Plumbing Resolutions

It’s resolution time! Maybe you’ve made resolutions to eat healthier or hit the gym, but what about resolutions to keep your home in top shape? With our New Years plumbing resolutions, you can change your habits and stop plumbing problems before they start. Start these changes today!

Use Drain Screens

One of the largest contributors to pipe blockages is hair. While you might not shed as much hair as your dog does, you are still losing hair every day. Shed hair easily makes it into your shower and bathroom sink drain and will never dissolve in water which means it’ll be in your pipes forever. Using a simple drain screen that you can pick up from a hardware store for less than five dollars a piece can keep hair out of your pipes and will keep your pipes flowing easily this year and beyond.

Watch What you Flush

Toilet clogs are one of the largest reasons our customers call us. Luckily, toilet clogs are mostly avoidable if you don’t flush anything that isn’t human waste or toilet paper. That means that those wipes labeled “flushable” should be kept away from your toilet as well. If you have kids, make sure to tell them that the toilet isn’t a good place for toys. That plastic dinosaur will cause blockages immediately.

Check your Water Heater

Water heaters are a serious home appliance but are often neglected when it comes to maintenance. You probably use your water heater every day which means that keeping it running well is essential. Make sure to regularly check your pressure relief valve and drain your water heater at least once a year to avoid sediment buildup. For more information on performing these tasks read here.

Watch Out for Signs of Hard Water

hard water shower headKeep an eye on the shower heads and faucets in your home. If they start looking like the one here it might be time to install a water softener in your home. Installing a water softener can avoid scaling on your fixtures and is easier on appliances like dishwashers.

Inspect Your Pipes for Signs of Corrosion

Many pipes rust from the inside out which makes inspecting from the outside difficult. Check your pipes for surface rust anyways though. If you notice that any of your pipes have rust on the outside then you should replace them before they rust through completely and cause flooding in your home.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Call a Professional!

If you don’t feel comfortable performing these tasks then it’s time to call a professional. Improper plumbing repair could cause serious problems and repair costs further down the line, but when you use a professional plumbing company you can be sure that your plumbing repairs in the New Year will be done right the first time.