4 Ways to Enjoy Noiseless Plumbing

There is value in enjoying the quiet moments in life; would you agree? Sometimes we simply want to get home and enjoy some peace and quiet, but what happens if noise seems to populate all around you? Noise usually makes use of gaps, cracks, as well as lightweight materials to travel around your home, which includes your plumbing that can serve as a noisy highway. Read on and learn how to create a noiseless home plumbing system.

Wrapping Pipes

Normally for homes with copper pipes, running water through them can cause the pipes to expand and eventually grind against the joists and pipe hangers. This creates a squeaky, scratching sound that can be irritating especially when you are trying to rest or sleep. The good news is that a few rolls of adhesive-backed felt can quiet these noisy nuisances.

Head on to your local hardware store and buy adhesive-backed felt. Cut strips of ample length, enough to wrap around the diameter of your pipes. This takes a bit of patience though since you need to remove each hanger and carefully wrap the pipe before reinstalling the hangers. The time will be well spent because of the quiet environment you will create.

Secure Mounting Straps

Water hammer is a very annoying situation that can create loud, pounding noises in your home plumbing system. One of the reasons that this happens is when you have loose mounting straps. Usually, mounting straps make use of plumber’s tape, hooks, and hangers that are attached to the plumbing pipes.

When the pipe strap is loose, the pipe vibrates freely and brushes against the framing when water runs along its length. Tightening loose mounting straps on all accessible and visible pipes can be fairly easy, but when it comes to pipes behind drywall or concrete, the whole process can become more challenging and require professional plumbing help.

It is equally important to take steps to arrest the water hammer by replenishing the air in the chambers. You need to shut off the main water supply first before proceeding to do anything. Make sure that you open only the faucet in the highest point in your home. Next, completely turn on the faucet at the lowest point in your home and drain all the water from your pipes; to allow air to replace the water. Once water is completely drained, turn off the lowest point faucet and open your main valve. Close the only open faucet in your home once all the sputtering has stopped.

Did you know that using galvanized straps or plumber’s tape with your copper pipe can cause plumbing leaks? Keep away from this costly combination!

Expanding Foam

Who says plumbing repair is boring? Here is a chance for you to play around a bit using expanding foam. In case you are not aware of it, expanding foam is an excellent material to use to fill the spaces between stainless steel sink basins.

As the foam begins to expand it eliminates the gong effect and deadens any vibrations coming from your stainless steel sinks. You do not have to remove the sinks to use the expanding foam but completing the process before it is installed will make things easier with the final work appearing neater. After the foam hardens simply use a knife to trim the excesses.

High Water Pressure

It is reasonable to assume that a water pressure regulator is installed in your home plumbing system. However, if there is none, it is better to have one installed; why? Excessive water pressure is one reason you hear banging from your water pipes.

For just a couple hundred dollars, you can have a professionally installed water pressure regulator that will arrest any wasted water as well as quiet down your noisy plumbing system. For homes, the normal water pressure should be in the range of 30 to 55 psi only. Are you aware that some appliance warranties can be voided if you have extremely high water pressure?

To take away all the aggravations, irritations, and start enjoying a peaceful home life, simply call on a professional plumbing service to have your pipes checked regularly. Scott English Plumbing can provide all your plumbing needs 24/7 at a cost that will not shatter your peace of mind. Call them today!