4 Reasons Homeowners Should Call a Plumber

Most homeowners who have found themselves in need of a plumber have, at some point, probably thought about just fixing it themselves. After all, plumbers are very expensive, and surely you could do just as good of a job, right? And when an emergency arises, you need a fix right away, so doesn’t that mean you should handle it? Certainly not! In most cases you will probably end up doing more harm than good. Here are four reasons you should call a plumber rather than just try to fix it yourself (with “try” being the operative word):

  • 1. Time – If the situation is just a minor plumbing issue, you may be tempted to put it off “until you have more time.” But what does that even mean? When are you going to have the amount of time necessary for that particular fix? Most people have their own jobs; it just doesn’t make sense to take time from your day to fix something that should be delegated to someone who actually knows what he is doing. Your lack of experience will actually cause the job to take you even longer than it would a professional, and you’ll be bumping your head against the pipes in frustration as you try to figure it out.
  • 2. Know-how – The average homeowner probably has no idea to fix pipes or leaks. Even if you have some basic knowledge about plumbing, you probably shouldn’t be poking around someplace where you don’t belong. It is far better to call in a professional who has seen problems of all kinds, from run of the mill to the extraordinary. You could have a bigger problem than you think, and even if you don’t, refer to number three
  • 3. Money – Fiddling around with something you don’t know how to fix will likely cost you a lot of money in extra repairs. Just consider for a moment how much it would cost you to get a basic problem fixed. Now multiply that according to what happens when you attempt to fix it, only to make the entire situation even worse.
  • 4. Loss of use – If you put off fixing the problem or try to fix it yourself and fail miserably, you will likely end up with the pipes in your home being down longer than they would otherwise. If you call a plumber with an emergency, he will come right away, but minutes count when you are talking about plumbing situations. The bigger the problem became while you were trying to fix it, the longer it will take a professional to fix it. Consequently, your home won’t be backing up and running at full capacity for a while.

Many homeowners sit on the fence when wondering whether they should call a plumber. Even those who really are qualified to fix a basic problem wonder where the line is. If there is a potential that you will do more harm than good, just call a professional right away. If time is of the essence, get one of our professional plumbers in there, pronto.

You just can’t be too careful when it comes to plumbing or pipe problems in your home. A house is an investment that should be protected and treasured. You don’t want to risk getting water damage because you thought you could fix something.

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