3 Venting Solutions for Your Bathroom

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Have you ever seen air bubbles rise through your toilet bowl or see the water level rise and fall? These are two classic signs that you have an improperly vented toilet and bathroom. This condition can be aggravated when you have a clothes washer or similar appliance positioned close by. When you air bubbles from on your toilet even when you are not flushing it, it means that the drain line is trying to gasp for air. Did you know that poor plumbing ventilation can lead to burps, gurgles, and clogs? There are 3 venting solutions you can try.

Purpose of Venting

Before we go to the venting solutions, it is important to understand why it is required. Have you noticed how liquid never flows evenly when poured out of a can? This is because unless there is another air opening, the air pressure remains unequal. This principle of equalizing pressure also applies to the condition of water going down your drains.

As water goes down a poorly vented drain, the air pressure will seek other avenues to serve as exit; hence the presence of air bubbles in your toilets. The purpose of venting is to make sure that air pressure helps in ensuring that wastewater goes down the drain without any problems.

Single Main Vent

The use ofmultiple vent pipes that combine into a single main vent with soil stack and exits to the roof creating a horizontal sewer drain is a good way to create an effective venting solution for your bathroom. In this solution, the laundry room, kitchen, and bathrooms are configured in such a way that they are all vented into a single main vent. This means that proper planning is required to ensure the interconnection of these vents. All of the drainpipes will have a downward slope as the vent pipes are extended upwards to meet the higher stack. When using this venting solution make sure that a vent should never connect to lower stacks.

Separate Vents

When you have a sink positioned far from your shower or tub, it is never practical to vent only one of these. This solution is ideal when the plumbing fixture drainpipe is not connected to the main drainpipe of the bathroom. Having an additional vent helps prevent future problems for the plumbing not only in your bathroom but also in your entire plumbing system. If you will notice, plumbers would normally use separate vents for new constructions. When you run a separate vent for a plumbing fixture, you now have the option of running it vertically up to the attic or creating a new roof exit for it. The separate vent pipe can also be exited through your exterior wall with a vent plate covering the opening.

Air Admittance Valves

Do you have a home that has finished walls? This makes installation of vertical vents through walls a more expensive option. However, the more feasible solution would be to use Air Admittance Valves or AAV on the drain line of the sink or tub. This is attached to the individual drain lines of the plumbing fixtures in your home and replaces your old mechanical vents. Before you do any installation of AAV you must make sure to clear your plans with the local authorities. It is important to be aware that in most localities installation of an AAV should be done by a licensed plumber.

Because missing, clogged, or poorly designed vents are hard to fix, it is important to make sure that you get the right plumbing service for the job. Get in touch with Scott English Plumbing to get professionally designed and working vents for your bathroom.