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Water Softeners & Filter Solutions

Enjoy Clean, Safe Water with Softeners & Filters from Scott English Plumbing

We all rely on water to complete necessary routines and household duties such as bathing, cooking, cleaning and of course, hydrating. Because water is such an essential part of life, it’s important to ensure that what you use and consume is safe, soft and free of harmful contaminants. Unfortunately, our climate is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and mold. And then there’s the issue of hard water, which makes way for numerous problems. If you’re tired of having to deal with the harmful effects of hard and/or polluted water, schedule an appointment with the water treatment experts at Scott English Plumbing today!

Hard water contains high levels of minerals such as magnesium and calcium, both of which significantly impact the quality of your water and effectiveness of your plumbing system, not to mention your health. There are numerous signs indicative of hard water. If you notice any of the following, be sure to give us a call right away:

  • A coating or film on shower doors and dishes

  • Rough and dry hair and skin

  • Dull and itchy clothes

  • Mineral scaling or other buildup in sinks, faucets, and other plumbing fixtures.

  • Hard to lather soap

  • White or rust-colored stains around drains

We offer numerous water treatment services, including softeners and filters, so that we can better meet your needs. Our technicians have the training, skill and equipment needed to determine the best solution for your needs. When you schedule an appointment with us to address your water quality concerns, we will begin with a thorough analysis of your water to locate the precise cause of the problem.

Life doesn’t have to be hard. Schedule an appointment with one of our professional and knowledgeable technicians today to restore safe water and peace of mind to your home. We guarantee a level of service that will exceed your expectations. Once we have completed your comprehensive analysis, we will provide you with all options and upfront pricing. Don’t put off calling a water quality specialist any longer!

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