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Orange County Water Leak Detection

If you notice that your water bill seems to be climbing, but you aren’t using more water than you normally do, you may have a hidden water leak in your home. A drop in water pressure can also be an indication of a water leak. A water leak that goes undetected can cause serious damage to your home, affecting the structure and leading to the growth of mold, development of rust, and even infestation by insects or rodents.

How Did I Get A Plumbing Leak?

There are several factors that can cause plumbing leaks. In newer homes, leaks can be caused by poor workmanship in the construction of the home. Extreme cold temperatures and a lack of proper insulation can also cause pipes to crack. Over time, the foundation of a home settles, and this can cause the pipes to shift and crack. In older homes, the pipes begin to age and erode and lose their durability. Even harsh chemicals that you might use to clean your plumbing fixtures or clear drains can damage the pipes. Eventually, old pipes can begin to crack.

What Can Be Done About My Plumbing Leak?

Scott English Plumbing specializes in water leak detection. We can locate the source of your water leak, and we always try to do so in the least invasive manner possible. We use electronic leak detection, which allows us to detect leaks in walls, underground slabs, and other hard to reach areas without tearing your home apart. This greatly cuts down on the mess and expense for homeowners. Once we isolate the source of the leak, we will repair it quickly so that your home can get back to normal.

Our workmanship is always guaranteed, so you don’t have to worry. Call Scott English Plumbing, and we will fix your water leak properly and promptly.

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