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Have a Dead-End Job? Find a New One That Appreciates Your Value and Work

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We’ve all been stuck in a dead-end job before. Whether that means that your boss never appreciated you, you never received promotions or raises, or you were the company scapegoat, it’s not a pleasant feeling. We’ve all been there. Life is far too short to waste away at a job you hate getting out of bed in the morning for. Instead, find a job that respects you; one that appreciates your input, loyalty, and hard work. While that may sound like a pipedream, we promise that it’s not out of your reach.

Why Do People Stay in Dead-End Jobs in the First Place?

People have a tendency to fear change. Unfortunately, that fear also leads them to stick around in relationships, jobs, and situations that don’t appreciate them. Sticking it out in a far less-than-positive job or relationship will eventually take a toll on your health and wellbeing. That’s right, bad jobs literally suck the life out of you! That’s not just an expression touted by lazy millennials, either. Stress caused by a bad or unappreciative job has hugely adverse effects on your health (WebMD).

But that begs the question: why do people stay in these horrendous work environments if they have a measurable negative effect on their health and wellbeing? Well, several factors lead people to try and “stick it out” in dead-end jobs.

Sometimes the reason is financial. Many people feel that they wouldn’t be able to afford a sudden job change. This fear is often well-founded, too. We live in a very hard-to-afford area of California, and jobs don’t exactly grow on trees. However, even with the seeming lack of available employment opportunities, it’s no good to stay in a position that doesn’t appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Another reason that people stick it out with their horrific employment situation is plain-old fear. Whether they feel that their skills won’t translate into employment elsewhere, or they fear that their past employer will provide negative feedback to prospective employers if they quit (illegal), lots of people cite fear as a reason they stayed in a dead-end job.

Regardless of the reason, staying in a dead-end job isn’t good. It’s hard on your health, it can cause significant undue stress, and life is way too short to waste away the majority of your waking hours at a job that doesn’t appreciate you.

Ditch the Bad Job for One With an Appreciative Employer

Okay, now you hopefully have a little bit of a greater understanding of what causes people to stay in underappreciative jobs and positions of employment. However, that begs the question: what can you do about it? Well, for one, you could work for us here at Scott English Plumbing, Inc. We’re currently looking for talented, dedicated individuals for almost all positions. So, if you’ve been hating life at your current job, then why not give us a ring? Remember, life is too short to waste at a job that you hate, and that doesn’t appreciate your hard work, dedication, and loyalty. So, ditch the lousy job and apply to work for Scott English Plumbing, Inc.: An employer that cares about you and your wellbeing.

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