Copper Pipe Repair

Copper pipes are commonly used in home plumbing systems. If you aren’t familiar with how to repair copper pipes, it is smart to brush up on some simple repairs so that you are prepared to deal with routine maintenance and emergency repairs.

Here are some copper pipe repairs that you can do at home.

Repairing a Small Hole in Your Copper Pipe with a Pencil

Sometimes copper pipes develop a pinhole. Left untreated, the hole can leak water onto other surfaces and cause mold and rotting. You can repair a small hole in your copper pipes by using a pencil.

First, shut off the water supply valve so that water isn’t running through the pipe while you are working. Now access the pipe and locate the hole.

Next, sharpen a pencil to a fine point. Insert the tip of the pencil into the hole in the pipe, and snap off the tip so that it remains stuck in the hole.

Dry the pipe carefully so that you don’t knock the pencil tip out. When the pipe is dry, wrap duct tape around the pipe, covering the pencil tip in the pipe. This will provide a temporary fix and prevent leaks until the pipe can be replaced by a professional plumber.

Fixing a Small Pipe Hole with Epoxy

You can also use epoxy to repair a hole in your copper pipe.

Always begin by turning off the water supply valve. Then wash the area of the pipe where the hole is located with soap and water. Let it dry completely.

Next, use 100 grit sandpaper to sand the area around the hole until shiny copper is exposed. Wipe off any dust that is left behind from the sandpaper. Then cut a small piece of epoxy, about the size of a marble.

Be sure that your hands are clean, and then mix it with the hardener according to the package instructions.

Keep mixing the epoxy until it becomes a uniform color and is soft. Press the mixed epoxy onto the pipe, keeping a thick bit over the place where the leak is.

Press it out to the cover the whole sanded area. Push down on the epoxy to form a bond with the pipe. That’s it! The epoxy will block the hole and set after exposure to air, preventing any leaks.

Temporary Fixes for a Leaking Copper Pipe Joint

If the joint of your copper pipe is leaking, you can use this temporary fix to get by for a few days.

Start by cutting a piece of rubber tubing. The rubber tubing should be long enough to cover the area where the leak is located with a good sized bit of extra tubing on each side.

Slide the tubing over the pipe, and apply clamps on each side. Tighten the clamps, and the leak will stop. This isn’t a permanent fix; you shouldn’t leave this temporary repair in place for more than a few days. It is just intended to get you by until a permanent repair can be made.

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