Common Plumbing Problems

While it’s simple to fix up a leaky faucet, put in a new toilet or fix a clog under your kitchen sink, there are other problems that aren’t quite as simple to solve. Tackling one of the simple problems listed above might give you confidence that you can handle any plumbing problem that comes your way, but this likely isn’t the truth. There are going to be problems that arise that you simply aren’t ready to tackle and it’s important to realize when you should be calling in the big guns to solve your issue.

Burst Pipes

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When the weather gets cold up in those northern climates it’s quite common for pipes to burst. Whether a pipe in your home simply isn’t getting the heat that it’s supposed to, or your heating system fails you could be facing burst pipes and a serious onslaught of water that threatens to damage your home.

Pipes burst because water expands when it freezes. The water that once fit into the pipe no longer will as it freezes and expands. If you encounter burst pipes you should shut off the main water supply and leave the repairs up to a certified professional. The plumber can help you repair your pipes and figure out how to avoid the issue in the future if possible.

A Blocked up Sewer System

It’s common for people to flush products down that aren’t supposed to be flushed. This includes paper towels, baby wipes and other thicker materials that should never make their way into a toilet. If you routinely flush these types of things down you should expect your system to become clogged over time. When you do eventually encounter the inevitable clog it’s going to be very difficult for you to sort out the issue yourself. While you can attempt to use a snake if you own one, many times you’ll have to rely on help from an experienced plumber to sort out the problem. The plumber can pinpoint the location of the clog more effectively and then solve the problem so that you can go back to using the toilets in your home.

Loss of Hot Water

The most obvious cause of loss of hot water is a failed hot water heater, but that’s not the only reason that you could encounter such a problem. There are a bunch of other possibilities such as a deteriorated cold water supply line or a faulty thermostat among other things. You might be able to avoid calling in a pro if you change out the hot water heater effectively on your own, but there’s a chance that the installation will go poorly, or that the issue was never the hot water heater to begin with. When a professional handles the problem it will be solved properly and you’ll be back to enjoying your hot water before you know it.

Poor Water Pressure

There’s nothing more disappointing than low water pressure, and it’s an issue that’s entirely fixable, but only a skilled plumber will likely be able to locate the cause of the problem or understand how to repair the issue. Calling in a plumber will give you a chance to find out exactly what the problem is and then how it can be best repaired. Whether you need a pressure tank to enhance the pressure, you need a new well pump or you just have clogs that need to be sorted out.

Not only will your water pressure be improved, but a range of potential issues with your home plumbing system will likely be repaired along the way. That means that you’ll put your system into better health, and cut down on potential problems in the future as well.

With any of the above problems it’s important to call in a professional plumber to tackle the problem. They are all common plumbing problems, but they aren’t problems that you’ll have much luck solving yourself. You’ll feel better about hiring a professional, and you’ll know that you’re going to get good results as well.

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