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Remodeling a bathroom is a goal of many homeowners. New bathroom fixtures, tile, and paint can make a bathroom feel more like a spa. The cost of bathroom remodeling involves more than just new fixtures and a few cans of paint. It is not uncommon for bathroom remodels to cost between $5000 and $12,000. Experts agree that bathroom remodels can increase the value of a home by over $10,000 if the remodel is done correctly.

These numbers are based on typical bathrooms, not master bathrooms. They tend to measure about five feet by seven feet. These bathroom remodels include a tub, toilet, sink and vanity. They also include tile on the floor and around the tub. Bathroom remodels also need new paint, as well as hardware in the tub, faucets, and at least one light fixture.

There are other costs to consider when updating a bathroom. They include structural work like updating drywall or subflooring. Some bathroom remodels also require electrical work and moving plumbing. If you are installing a jet tub, you will need both electrical and plumbing work in your remodeling job.

If you are trying to save money on a remodeling job, the place to do it is in labor. Between half and two-thirds of the cost of a bathroom remodel is in labor, especially if you are hiring out all of the work and you are choosing inexpensive fixtures. You can save money by educating yourself on labor costs and learning to negotiate with a good contractor. It is important to remember that contractors and their employees do this work to make a living, so they will need to make some profit on the job they do for you. It is also important to hire a contractor with a good reputation, because you do not want shotty work in your bathroom.

Fortunately, the materials that most people use for bathroom remodels are not outrageously priced. A five-foot tub can cost between $300 and $3000. A three-foot vanity usually starts at $300 and goes up from there. A toilet costs between $200 and $400. Tile flooring also has a wide price range based on the quality and materials used in the tile. It is easy to keep the price low at $200, but it is also easy to spend over $1000 on a 5 foot by 7 foot room. No matter what type of tile you use, you will need necessities like cement board, tile glue, and grout. This will cost about $200. The other fixed expenses involve the plumbing needs like PVC pipe, the tub drain, and water lines. These also add up to about $200. The faucets and fixtures can be found for as little as $20 and more than $100 each. The drywall and paint expenses also add about $200. The last few expenses include the light fixtures and hardware for toilet paper and towels. Combined, you could spend as little as $100 or more than $800. If you know the numbers, you have the power to negotiate. At the low end, the materials can be about $1800. The high end numbers can exceed $7000, just on materials.

When you find a contractor, it is a good idea to discuss these numbers immediately. If you get estimates that are well over the numbers you know, it is a good idea to skip that contractor and find someone else. There are plenty of contractors who are looking for business and charge reasonable prices.

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