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24 Hour Emergency Service in Orange County

Need Answers to your  24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Repair Questions? We’re often asked:

What is Your Response Time?

Call us, describe your emergency, and we can be there ready to “Make Your Plumbing Problems Go Away” within the HOUR!

What Constitutes A Plumbing Emergency?

When the leak or backup poses a threat or can cause severe damage if not addressed immediately. This means situations like flooding due to pressure leaks or sewer back ups. If the issue is not properly addressed immediately, it can harm to the plumbing system, the foundation, flooring, walls, ceilings and more. Water damage, mold, wood rot, and rust can occur from flooding or just a slow leaking pipe, so it is crucial to get the problem fixed as soon as it’s noticed.

Our years of plumbing experience in responding to plumbing emergency give us the knowledge needed to tackle the toughest of plumbing disasters. By adding state-of-the-art equipment, such as electronic leak detection and video inspection tools to our already stocked response vehicles, we can provide quality plumbing repair, and do it quick as not to inconvenience you.

Can I Prevent Plumbing Emergencies?

Most of the time, “yes,” we can prevent a plumbing emergency from happening. Any time there is a hint of something wrong with your plumbing, it’s important to call and schedule a plumbing service to thoroughly inspect your concerns. This way leakage, blocking, and instability in the plumbing of your home or building can be discovered  and repaired before it becomes a full-blown emergency.


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