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Orange County Re-pipe

Orange County Re-Pipe & Plumbing Pipe Replacement

Pipe leaks. It’s something no one wants to think about, but unfortunately it happens. Scott English Plumbing can stop those leaks for you. We don’t just patch leaks, we fix them! We use several methods for pinpointing your plumbing problem fast.

Our trained Plumbers will perform a leak detection test and can even feed a video inspecting device into your water supply or sewer and drain lines. All so we can quickly identify and re-pipe the problem area and get your house back to normal.

Orange County Plumbing Line Replacement

The reason pipe repair and replacement is so critical is because when leaks or damage occur, the consequences can often affect your entire plumbing system or cause water damage to the foundation or the house itself. It can also result in your water bill skyrocketing.

That’s where Scott English Plumbing can help. We’ll deploy our leak detection team to evaluate if you actually need pipe replacement or pipe repair. Then we will determine how best and most efficiently to fix the problem, which can result in re-piping the damaged area of plumbing.

Understand Re-Pipping in Orange County

A commonly asked question is about what kinds of pipes can be re-piped. The answer is just about any, including PVCCPVC, galvanized pipe, PEX pipe, ABS sewer and drain lines, gas lines, and copper pipes.

The most common way we address slab and foundation leaks is to re-pipe the lines overhead and through the walls instead of keeping the system under the house. This method of re-piping and pipe repair is the most efficient way to solve the problem and also makes it easier to get to the pipes in the future if any Orange County pipe repair or Orange County pipe replacement needs to be done.

Having damaged pipes re-piped will not only save your water bill from unnecessarily climbing, but it will also guarantee that water damage will not continue to occur to your home and it will keep your plumbing systems safe, efficient, and affordable.

Not Sure You Need Re-Piping? Call Scott English Today and We Will Make Your Orange County Plumbing Problems Go Away!

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