When to Call an Emergency Plumber in Orange County

It is never fun to find yourself in the middle of a plumbing disaster, especially if it is not during regular business hours, but how do you know when it is time to call an emergency plumber? Not everything that may feel like an emergency to you is an emergency to a plumber. Here are some tips for knowing when to call in someone on an emergency basis:

  1. Can you do anything to stop the damage to your home or business? If so, then do it and then assess the urgency of the problem. Turning off the water shutoff valve will usually put a stop to damaging water situations, but it might not be enough. If shutting off the water isn’t enough to put a hold on your need for a plumber, then you should call someone who will come on an emergency basis.

  2. If a pipe has burst, then you definitely need to get someone in, pronto. A burst pipe is not something that can wait because it affects your entire plumbing system.

  3. Situations in which you don’t have any water flow at all are also cases that require a phone call to an emergency plumber. Not having running water is a serious problem that you shouldn’t have to deal with for any longer than it takes to fix the problem.

  4. Sewage backups are also a time for emergency services because of the mess and the stench they create. You probably can’t and shouldn’t live with sewage backup in your house, so it is definitely a time to call in emergency plumbing services.

  5. Large water leaks are also a time to call a plumber. This means that the amount of water you are seeing is more than a drip. Gushing water is definitely a time for a plumber. Turning off the shutoff valve is the first step, but a call to an emergency professional is probably your next step unless you feel like you can live without water until a standard business time.

  6. Discolored water is another case that might be deemed an emergency, depending on when you see it. For example, you don’t want to have to put up with discolored water (which can be dangerous) over a long weekend. If you see it Friday night, you’d better call someone. On the other hand, if you see it on a weeknight before going to bed, you can probably wait until the morning to get it done.

Of course you should never underestimate the need for a plumber, but it is important to know when it is worth the hefty fee to call in someone on an emergency basis. By understanding when an emergency call is warranted, you can save yourself some pricy plumbing bills.

Scott English Plumbing provides emergency plumbing services. Here’s why they should be your emergency plumber of choice in Orange County:

  • • Fair and reasonable rates provided in a written estimate before the work begins.
  • • A commitment to their code of ethics
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  • • Low, flat rates
  • • Confidentiality when dealing with customer fairs of any kind.
  • • Quality workmanship that meets or exceeds industry standards
  • • A credit rating that is acceptable to our creditors
  • • Materials that meet or exceed the quality of those specified in our contracts

So the next time you find yourself in a bind because of a plumbing problem, let Scott English Plumbing be your emergency plumber in Orange County.