Stop Slab Leaks from Draining Your Pockets

The dangers that slab leaks pose are very much real and can be extremely costly. One of the immediate challenges is that you cannot just grab a sledgehammer and knock down a wall you suspect has slab leak behind it. The reality is that you need confirmation of the leaks location before you can do anything.

Is There a Leak?

There is a thorough and reliable process that requires technical expertise that must be followed when detecting slab leaks. It is unacceptable and unforgivable for anyone to just hammer away at your property in the hope of finding the source of the leak at one hit.

There is a non-intrusive way that technology has presented to ensure that slab leak sources are detected accurately. Many of the plumbing services today rely on electromagnetic pipeline locators or electronic amplification technology to find leaks. These equipment have the ability to ensure that there will be minimal disturbance during the detection process up until the repair of the source of the leak is completed.

Experts like Scott English Plumbing can do the job by removing and replacing just one tile if possible. There are of course other proprietary leak detection methods that can be employed by these experts for minimal damage and cost to the homeowner.

You will know that it is time to call on the services of these plumbing professionals when you notice that:

  • • Sound of running water is evident even when no faucet or shower is open;
  • • The floor has a hot spot mark;
  • • The walls or flooring of your home begin to exhibit cracks;
  • • Moisture or mildew form under your carpets; and
  • • Unexplainable increase in water consumption.

What Causes Leaks?

According to plumbing professionals, leaks are usually caused by the reaction of the copper piping element and the drinking water. Some would have you believe that bad or poor installation is the culprit (to a certain extent it can contribute to the cause), which based on the experience of plumbing technicians would account for an extremely low percentage of the cause of leaks.

This means that unless you refrain from using copper piping material for your plumbing, you will continue to experience leaks at one point or another. It should be noted though that shifting to other plumbing materials is also not a guarantee that you will no longer experience leaks. For example, PVC piping that is accidentally cracked will obviously result in leaks.

The Cost of Losing

The best way to see how much you are actually losing to leaks is to monitor the meter. Keep in mind that doing the meter test is not always an indication of a slab leak. The cause of the leak can come from sources other than those behind your slabs. This however will give you an indication of just how much water is unnecessarily consumed, which you have to pay for.

Unless you get the source of the problem repaired, you will continue to shoulder these additional expenses in your water bill every month. The cost of repair would be in the range of $1,500 to $5,000 depending on the extent of repair that should be done. This would cover the process of locating, isolating, repairing, patching, and finishing to complete the restoration of the efficiency of your plumbing system.

The amount it takes to repair the slab leak is definitely significant, but you should ask yourself whether it is worth losing the amount of money you have to pay for water that is wasted and the possible damage it can cause to your home.

To find out the repair options available to you after the slab leak detection process, contact Scott English Plumbing immediately.