Save Money and Save Water

Every day, new stories are released about the droughts in California. It might seem like one person cannot make much of a difference, but if everyone learns how to restrict their own water use, the difference will be significant. While there are many changes that can be immediately made, there are a few changes that need plumbing work.

Update Your Plumbing System

One of the most useful ways to save water is to update plumbing systems. Outdated plumbing systems can create more waste than most homeowners realize. Not only will updating plumbing save water, but it can also save money on water bills and even on insurance bills. Outdated pipes made of lead or steel can corrode. This can cause your water pressure to decrease due to buildup. It is better to have plumbing pipes made of copper, PVC, or PEX plastics.

Share a Backyard Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool can also be an immense waste of water. Many swimming pools hold over 30,000 gallons of water and it is common to see more than one backyard swimming pool in a neighborhood. If you are able to afford to fill your pool, you might want to reconsider. In an effort to save money, you and your neighbors should talk about sharing the water. Instead of filling every pool in the neighborhood, why not fill just a few and create a community swimming contract. Neighbors can help each other pay for water, chemicals, and cleaning. They can also share “pool duty” by watching each other’s children on certain schedules. If only one in four pools were filled in each neighborhood, that is a 75 percent reduction of water use.

Plan a 25 Percent Reduction

It does not seem like the drought will end anytime soon, so California residents do need to find ways to reduce water usage. The governor did set a 25 percent reduction of personal water use. In order to meet the mandate, homeowners and farmers need to do everything they can. If updating plumbing and sharing swimming pools are not possibilities, there are plenty of other options.

Find an Alternative to Green Grass

Green grass requires more water than most homeowners realize. There are plenty of other options for decorative yards than green grass. Since the state has required homeowners to cut back on watering to two times per week, it is time for homeowners to be creative in the way they decorate their yards. Instead of grass and plant materials that require regular water, why not use stones, beach grasses, or even sand? Landscapers are more than willing to help homeowners with projects that will help them reduce their water usage. If you must use an irrigation system for your yard, it is better to use a slow drip system instead of sprinklers.

Update Your Appliances and Toilet

Another useful way to reduce water usage is to update your appliances and toilets. Dishwashers and washing machines have come a long way in reducing water usage. If you have appliances and toilets that are more than eight years old, it is time to look at the energy-and-water-efficient models. If you cannot afford to replace your appliances and toilets, then you should look at using them less. Only run your dishwasher when it is full and only run your washing machine when it is full. You could also implement the flushing “system” that follows the rhyme about mellow yellow and flushing down the brown.

Find Small Steps to Reduce

There are a few small steps that everyone can take to reduce water usage. One is to replace old faucets with efficient models, especially if you have faucets that drip. It is also important to turn off of the water when brushing your teeth or when washing dishes by hand. You can also collect water from your showers to use to water outdoor plants or to flush toilets.

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