Understanding the Importance of Backflow Testing

For many property owners, the issue of wastewater backing up into the home is something considered normal. However, did you ever stop and think of the danger this water can bring to your home and family? Many cities impose stiff fines on property owners if they fail to have backflow testing for their plumbing system, so it is important to understand why it is important to have a professional do this testing for you.

What is Backflow

The simplest definition of backflow is the flow of liquid, solid, or gas in the direction opposite its normal flow. Without regard to the source, the liquid, solid, or gas works its way back to the potable water supply system of your home. It is important to understand that backflow does not only deal with water, but anything that can go back and contaminate your drinking water supply. This goes a long way to appreciating its prevention.

The Danger is Real

Any property that has lawn sprinkler system is susceptible to herbicides and similar chemicals contaminating its water supply. In fact, over 10,000 cases of backflow contaminations have been recorded every year with some of them being fatal.

This alone should prompt you to have backflow protection devices installed in your property and have backflow testing done regularly on your property for your safety and peace of mind. Depending on your location, you may have to replace your backflow protection devices every five years and have them winterized.

Make sure that these devices are installed by trained professionals to make sure they are working properly and have them checked regularly as well.

Installation of Protection Devices

The design of the backflow protection devices allows it to prevent chemicals, wastewater, and other hazards from going into your main water supply where you also get your drinking water. Using and effective testing method, you will be able to identify any dangerous chemicals and organic compounds that may be part of your drinking water.

Backflow testing not only works to protect your family and property, it also protects your neighborhood by ensuring that your plumbing system is not the cause of water contamination in your area. By making sure that your water supply remains uncontaminated, you can save yourself a lot of stress, grief, and heavy fines. Keep in mind that these protection devices will only work if they are installed properly by a trained professional.

Types of Prevention Devices

As far as backflow prevention devices go, there are two types to choose from in the market today:

  1. 1. Air Gap – simple but effective device for backflow prevention. It works by being installed at the point where water can collect to provide an open space between devices that are connected to your plumbing system.
  2. 2. Specialized Preventer Valve – this type of backflow preventer can be placed in specific locations of your plumbing system to avert potential contamination of your water supply.

Obviously, the proper installation of these prevention devices would be critical to protect your water supply and prevent contaminated water to get into your potable water system. That is why you need to make sure that only professional plumbers do the installation.

Choosing Professionals

When it comes to backflow testing and prevention, it is not enough to choose just any professional plumbing service. You need to make sure that the tests and equipment used are certified to guarantee proper and accurate results.

This is why when it comes to backflow problems for your plumbing system, your best investment is with Scott English Plumbing because their effective and efficient backflow testing service is guaranteed to save you money, time, and stress. The safety of your family after all is priceless; call Scott English Plumbing today!