4 Basic Plumbing Inspections for New Homes

It is safe to say that since most of us have encountered plumbing problems at one point or another, we are aware that there are many different types of plumbing inspections that can be done on a single property. Considering that the plumbing system runs through the entire property and extends to the main sewer line and water supply line, there is indeed much to cover and consider. But have you ever wondered what basic plumbing inspections you need when buying a new home? Here are some tips to consider.

Bathrooms and Toilets

Majority of homeowners understand that the bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house and the toilets face significant amounts of use throughout the day. Because of this many plumbing problems start from the bathrooms and toilets.

Some of the basic things that should immediately raise a red flag about the plumbing system are:

  • • Discoloration of the flooring;
  • • Floor feels soft as you walk around the bathroom;
  • • Noticeable movement of the toilet bowl as you sit on it;
  • • Hissing or gurgling sound as you flush; and
  • • Slow draining sink or tub.

To make sure that you are making a worthwhile investment, find out as well what types of pipes are used in your plumbing system. This will give you an indication whether you have a good quality plumbing system or not.

Main Sewer Line

Hopefully you are not one of those homeowners who give little importance to the main sewer line only to suffer expensive and stressful plumbing problems later on. You need to make sure that you give ample focus on the main sewer line because even if the plumbing system on your property is in excellent condition, a deteriorating sewer line will give you enormous amounts of headaches.

Professionally done camera inspection is something that you can seriously consider to get an accurate assessment of the condition of your main sewer line. You should also find out the type of sewage system used in your home. Professional plumbing services can give you efficient main sewer line inspection as well as accurate information on the type of sewage system you have.

The information will give you a clearer picture on the capacity of your sewage system, its health, and the appropriate steps to maintain its effectiveness. You can work with the professional plumbing service to map out a schedule when the septic tanks should be emptied. Avoid costly repairs and replacements with main sewer line inspection.

Water Heating System

Hot water is already a part of our everyday lives. This is why you should carefully inspect the water heating system of the property you want to buy before making a decision. There are some questions that you should go through with the professional plumbing service like:

  • • Is the capacity of tank enough for our family?
  • • Is the water heater in the right location?
  • • Is the water heater new?
  • • Is the tank free of mineral deposits?
  • • Is the water heater element free of corrosion?

If you get a “No” answer on any of these questions, then you should be a bit alarmed. If the capacity is not enough for your family or future family, then you are facing a costly upgrade to a larger water heater. Mineral deposits and corrosion are signs that the water heater is not new and can negatively impact the efficiency of your water heating system.

Water heaters that are installed in the wrong location can bring potential problems like ruining hardwood floors, carpets, or tiles for example. This can also lead to substantial property damage.

As you can see, these plumbing inspections are not easy or simple to do. To make sure that your investment in your new home is properly protected, call Scott English Plumbing today and make the right decision for your future.