5 Reasons for Sewer Line Inspection

The fact remains that not all property owners know that the responsibility of checking the sewer lateral line coming from their property to the city main is theirs. The process of inspecting sewer lines is also not covered by standard home inspections. Let us take a look at some reasons why it is important to have sewer line inspection by a professional.

1. Continuous Root Growth is a Problem
There is no real way of knowing how much growth from the tree root in your area have made it into your sewer line. These roots can cause clogging and stoppage that will allow wastewater to flow back into your home. Professionals can use video inspection technology to see if there are any imminent danger from the roots of the trees. This can be done either as a preventive measure or to abate further damage to your sewer line.

2. Kitchen Grease Blockage
You may not recognize it immediately, but the grease that goes down your kitchen sink will inevitably find its way into your sewer line. Over time, the accumulation will cause the grease to block the smooth flow of wastewater from your home to the municipal sewage system causing harmful and costly damage. Stoppages cause by grease can be prevented with the help of grease interceptors and similar instruments along with periodic inspection of your sewer line.

3. Improper Disposal of Waste
At one time or another we have all been guilty of throwing something down that drain that does not really belong there. This can be food waste, dental floss, diapers, baby wipes, facial tissue, or even your dead pet goldfish. All of these items when not properly disposed will eventually cause a problem to your sewer line. For example, the sanitary sewer line is designed solely for human waste and small amounts of toilet paper. Therefore, jamming down items like diapers for example will cause huge problems in terms of clogging. Grinding food like corn cobs or banana peels can clog and stop your drain line. When this happens, wastewater will begin to fill your sink and backup your toilet. Professional plumbing services can help in addressing and preventing the situation.

4. Mud and Top Soil
There are a number of potential entry points for mud and top soil to cause havoc on your sewer line. Aside from the drains in your yard and driveway, the gutter lines can also allow entry for mud and top soil. These cannot be broken down into liquid form which makes it difficult to remove and potentially easy to accumulate especially when there are cracks in your sewer lines. Preventive maintenance like constant cleaning of gutters and drains can help minimize the threat, but only a sewer line inspection from a professional plumbing service can help you establish the real status of your sewer line.

5. Sewer Line Physical Damage
Sewer lines are not designed to last forever. The materials used can eventually crack, collapse, or sag depending on the prevailing conditions in your home and neighborhood. When the line becomes cracked, it provides a gateway for tree roots, mud, soil, and other materials that are not supposed to be in your sewer line. As these items begin to build up you will notice a decrease in the efficiency of your sewer and you begin to face costly repair or replacement. The only way to establish the physical condition of your sewer pipes is to call in a plumbing professional to do a video inspection.

Any of these conditions happening on their own would already be a tremendous headache; a combination of these happening at once would be disastrous. Do yourself a favor and have Scott English Plumbing do a sewer line inspection for you today.