4 Reasons to Hydro Jet Sewers and Drains

If there is one thing that homeowners should realize, it is that cleaning of sewers and drains is inevitable. Just imagine the amount of dirt and grime that does down our drains and end up in our sewer line; those are bound to accumulate and cause tremendous headaches when unchecked. So before you reach this point, make sure that you are prepared to deal with sewer and drain cleaning.


No, this is not a water sports! This is a method of clearing out debris and blockages from your plumbing line to make them clean. Hydro-jetting makes use of pressurized jets of water to deliver a powerful washing system. The system relies on the use of a nozzle connected to a hose that is attached to a large water tank. The pressure is delivered by a motor that propels the water with a pressure of 4,000 psi on the average and an 18 gpm of flow rate.

Why is it effective?

You must be wondering, among the many cleaning solutions available, why should hydro-jetting be used? Let us take a look at four compelling reasons to get professional hydro-jetting services.

1. It Works
Plain and simple, this sewer and drain cleaning technique works! You get exactly what you pay for, which is to get rid of clogs and blockages that can result in backflows and damage to your plumbing system; provided that it is done by a professional.
This solution can also be used as preventive maintenance to make sure that unwanted buildup of grease and grime will not cause unjust stress on your plumbing system. Did you know that hydro-jetting is also effective in dealing with roots in sewer lines, soil buildup, and other common causes of clogged sewers? The multi-direction pressurized water blast allows for a wider coverage of the interior of the drainpipe making it a better solution compared to chemical-based cleaners and drain augers.

2. Safer for Pipes
Contrary to popular belief, the pressurized water discharged from a hydrojet will not damage your sewer and drain pipes. This is because the pipes will not be pressurized with water, but rather, pressurized water brushes along the insides of the pipes to remove any stubborn dirt and blockage.
With hydro-jetting, the water only remains pressurized while it is still inside the tank, but once it is discharged through the nozzle it is no longer under pressure; instead, it is travelling at extremely high velocity. The high speed of the water is responsible for dislodging dirt clinging to the inner sides of the pipes as well as materials that impede the smooth flow of dirt water.
Compared to caustic chemicals that create corrosive effect on pipes, hydro-jetting is a safer and better cleaning option; provided it is done by a professional.

3. Cuts Grease
When it comes to the kitchen, grease will always be an issue. If you are one of those homeowners who have tried to run a cable down the drain to remove tough grease buildup, then you would know it does not work.
It does not matter if it is in the home or a commercial establishment, grease will eventually harden and clog your drains over time. The effect would depend mostly on how severe the blockage has become. Using the hydrojet solution will help you to effectively cut down the grease blockage and allow it to flow down the drain and into the sewer line.

4. Preventive Maintenance
Hydro-jetting is not only good at addressing current problems with your sewer and drain lines, it is also an effective way to prevent future plumbing issues. This is the only cleaning method that will break clogged materials and clinging debris to force them down the sewer line. This can also remove contaminants that may have accumulated in your drains.

The next time you are facing sewer and drain line problems, make sure that you consider the hydro-jetting solution. Keep in mind though that this can only be effective if done by a trained professional, so call Scott English Plumbing for all your hydro-jetting needs.